APOCALYptic paranormal is a non-profit paranormal team based in Historic Appomattox, Va.  The group came together when two members of a paranormal group decided they wanted more than what they were getting from their current  group. This  new group that was formed decided to look at the paranormal with a skeptical eye, striving to find the truth……NO MATTER WHAT THAT TRUTH IS.

      As a group we look into All aspects of the paranormal from non-biased vantage points. If you are having ANY kind of abnormal things happenings in your home, business, or any other location you own or work let us know. After getting in touch with us we will get you a questionaire for you to fill out to give us a basic idea of the experiences you are having.  After this is filled out, we will be in touch with you about the next step.  At NO time will Apocalyptic paranormal charge you for the investigation.